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Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian (Archangel) keychain by cuestickGenius
All Is Lost by AlexJoyce
Mass Effect: Paige Beckman and Garrus Vakarian by shamserg
Happy N7 Day 2016! by BarbDBarb
N7 Day 2016 by Euderion
Kelly Fox as Kelly Ryder (Mass Effect Andromeda) by KiraxHuimang
The Tempest by Euderion
Pathfinder Ship by Euderion
Scott Ryder by GothicGamerXIV
Commander Shepard
Jane by Baka-chanLove
Battlemaster by BarbDBarb
Garrus and Shep ... by Shaya-Fury
Fem_Shepard by mastrolambo
Kaidan Alenko
Biotic Kaidan by Scrappy14
Kaidan - Why Her And Not Me?! by AlienFodder
Prize: Kaidan Alenko by Zelda-Chan202
Kaidan Alenko by MrJuniorer
Garrus Vakarian
Mass Effect: Garrus by shamserg
Garrus3 by wargaron
Archangel by velocitti
Warm Up 03 by velocitti
Liara T'Soni
Mistress Of Diversity by BarbDBarb
Light Of The Galaxy by BarbDBarb
Shepard's Last Request by chaos6x9
Liara T'Soni by Yami19
Tali sketch by Shaya-Fury
Dextro Pizza Hut by TidyWire
(16.04.05)Tali by CaptainTigra
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy - Emergency Induction Port by kittyocean
Urdnot Wrex
Chibi Wrex by MSO-Hessai
Grunt by MissBasha
Jack "Subject Zero"
Jack by Haddrian
Kasumi Goto
Kasumi from Mass Effect Sumie style by MyCKs
Mordin Solus
Had to be me by Steelguard
Miranda Lawson
Miranda Lawson 4b - selfie by mssp1295
Thane Krios
Thane by wargaron
Samara by La-petite-Garnouille
Legion by LordVetinari1
Jeff Moreau "Joker"
#5 Time to think by Grummel83
Zaeed Massani
Zaeed Massani by manda091987
Ashley Williams
Battlemaiden by Marco124
James Vega
James by wargaron
Javik (Mass Effect 3) by toxioneer
EDI by LordVetinari1
Aria T'Loak
Aria T'Loak by Blackjack-Davie
I Promise I'll Come Back by BarbDBarb
Anderson and Shepard: Finale by LoneWolf117
Happy Birthday Shiara by BarbDBarb
All Races
Other Characters -Lineart- [Fancomic Project] by MSO-Hessai
Mature Content

Mature Content

It's Hard To Concentrate by BarbDBarb
The Team
Missed Opportunity by BarbDBarb
#111 Cooperation with Shepard by GothicGamerXIV
Mixed Media
.Stay Strong and Clear. by CarlaNatalie
Reapers - Collectors - Saren
Synthesis (Mass Effect 3) by toxioneer
The Geth
Feros: Geth Attack by Hanonaut
Commander Shepard by Stararrow55
Custom Work
Cubeecraft Template Commander shepard (fem) by gurlgotkat2000
Space, Planets and Ships
Sagan leaves the Sol System by Euderion
Character Crossover
Oro storming Superdreadnought by Amalgamation100
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor by AlexJoyce
Photo Manipulation
Space divas by elmjuniper
Hey everyone how are you all?

How do you all feel about the game? I haven't completed much but jeez I think its a stunning game, her/his personality is the perfect fit for a pathfinder. There's so much to do!! it's crazy xD I feel like I will deffo be spending days on this.

Also to some of the hate I've seen about the game... Do they know what their on about? XD Face animations poor? Who cares I love a good story. What's your thoughts guys.
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Alliance News!

Hey all will be stating what goes where for all the folders so hope this helps and makes it easier :)

:bulletred: Fan Fiction and Journals - All literature pieces and anything you guys would like to talk about.

:bulletred: N7 DAY!!!! - Everything on N7 Day.

:bulletred: There are specific folders for each squad member/crew.

:bulletred: Romances - For artwork of Shepard and his/her romances, plus other characters or custom characters.

:bulletred: Allies - For artwork of the Alliance and Shepard's allies/friends.

:bulletred: Family - For artwork that shows Shepard's family and others.

:bulletred: All Races - Artwork for the races of the Mass Effect Universe.

:bulletred: Mature Content - All artwork that portrays explicit content.

:bulletred: The Team - All artwork that has squad members together.

:bulletred: Cerberus - All artwork of Cerberus and the Illusive Man.

:bulletred: Mixed Media - Folder for all comics, cartoons, cover art and manga styles.

:bulletred: Collectors/Reapers/Saren - For all artwork for Saren, The Collectors and The Reapers.

:bulletred: The Geth - "Does this Unit have a soul" Yes they all do, A folder for the Geth.

:bulletred: Cosplay - For all your awesome cosplays.

:bulletred: Custom Work - For work that is made by hand or done by the PC e.g. Logos - Crafts.

:bulletred: Space, Planets and Ships - Any artwork, screenshots etc. of the Universe.

:bulletred: Character Crossover - Artwork that crosses the Mass Effect Universe with another person/game/movie etc.

:bulletred: Photo Manipulation - Any sort of 3D art if you can't find a folder for it.




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